Baby sitters

Where Parents and Babysitter meet

About Us

We are a babysitting agency that matches parents with a babysitter according to their specific requirements and needs.  Just specify your requirements and we will find the perfect candidate for you.

We know that it’s hard to just leave your kids in the hands of a person you don’t know, but that’s why our process is thorough to ensure a high level of childcare that will put your mind at ease.






All of our babysitters are required to have:

  • Childcare experience
  • Identification
  • 2 verbal references (other than family)

Each babysitter will go through a personal interview to make sure that they are honest, reliable, energetic and experienced babysitters who has a genuine desire to work with children.

Duties of a babysitter:

  • Your kids should be ready for bed or already in bed
  • The babysitter can read bedtime stories to the younger kids and play quiet games with the older kids
  • Your babysitter is NOT a pet-sitter and therefore should not be expected to look after pets

Show your babysitter the following:

  • Safety Equipment: Alarms, location of locks for windows and doors and all exits
  • All the bedrooms that she would need, e.g. bathroom and kitchen
  • Where she should NOT go if it is alarmed
  • The equipment she’s allowed to use, TV, DVD, tea and coffee making facilities


 We recommend only the best babysitters!