Baby sitters

Where Parents and Babysitter meet



Need to attend a function, go out with friends, or just want to relax with hubby for a few hours? This is the option for you.  This Babysitter@Home will come to your home and keep your kids entertained, whether it is putting them to bed, playing games, make sure they are fed or read them stories.


Need to go out for the night and to leave the kids at home? You can have a Babysitter@Night.  This Babysitter@Night will come to your home and stay with your kids throughout the night until the next morning.


Need to attend a function at a hotel/overnight accommodation? You can choose a Babysitter@Hotel that will go to the hotel with you and keep your kids entertained for the evening.


Do you work late or half day and need someone to pick up or drop the kids off at school? The Babysitter@Daytime is the perfect match for a mother that needs an extra hand with the kids during the day.


Sometimes birthday parties can be a handful.  Having someone there to help out and entertain the kids is the perfect idea so that you can relax.  Choose a Babysitter@Party to help set-up and entertain the kids for the day.


When it’s your big day, the last things you want to worry about are the kids.  Get the Babysitter@Wedding to look after the kids at your wedding.


Lots of parents work late and do not have the energy or time to help with schoolwork. Some kids struggle with a specific subject. Get the Babysitter@Tutor to help your kids with homework after school or extra classes for certain subjects.