Baby sitters

Where Parents and Babysitter meet

Terms & Conditions

1. The parents and babysitter acknowledge that babysitters are NOT employees of BabySitterClub and that they are independent contractors.

2. BabySitterClub conduct a thorough interview and screening process, but we do not guarantee the character of the babysitter introduced. It is the parent’s responsibility to accept and approve the suitability of the babysitter. If the parents have any concern regarding the babysitter chosen, they must contact BabySitterClub immediately.

3. For Privacy and safety reasons, please do not ask the babysitter for their personal telephone numbers/contact details. They will be in breach of their contract if they provide this information to you, resulting in termination of their contract.

4. BabySitterClub accepts no responsibility for any damages, injury, expense or loss caused by any of the babysitters referred to the parent by us.

5. If your child has any special requirement, whether medical, toilet training, allergies, etc, please advice the babysitter immediately.

6. R100 of the payment for the babysitting session is to be made IN CASH to the babysitter upon arrival and the rest of the payment is to be made at the conclusion of each appointment. A minimum of R100 is to be paid to a babysitter per session.

7. The booking fee is to be made directly to BabySitterClub prior to finalization of the initial booking.

8. The babysitter will not remove a child from the residence and/or accommodation unless there is express written consent from the parent authorizing the babysitter to allow the child to participate in outdoor activities.

9. If there are any further appointments organized by the parents or babysitter after signing of the agreement, the terms and conditions set on this page will apply to such further appointments.

10. All booking fees (non-refundable) must be paid in full to BabySitterClub prior to the babysitting session.

11. A cancellation fee of R150 may apply if the session is cancelled less than 24hours prior to the babysitting session. Booking fee is non-refundable.

12. If a cancellation is made with more than 24hours notice the parent is not required to pay any costs associated with the babysitter’s rate for that session, but the booking fee is non-refundable.

13. A maximum amount of 4 children per babysitter allowed.  If more than 4 children need to be looked after, an additional babysitter MUST be arranged and standard rates will apply. Please refer to the “Rates” page for booking and hourly fees:

These terms and conditions constitute your formal agreement with BabySitterClub and will be referred to by your BabySitterClub representative.

1. Applicants need to bring the following to their interviews:
• a copy of their CV’s,
• details of 2 contactable references (other than family),
• a current form of photographic identification (ID document)
• An ID-size photo
• proof of residence and
• first aid certificate (if you have one)

2. Applicants are given 1 month from the date of their interview to register to update or obtain a first aid certificate

3. BabySitterClub reserves the right to de-register or refrain from registering applicants who:
• Do not meet their selection criteria;
• Do not turn up for interview times as arranged with either BabySitterClub or a parent;
• Do not conduct themselves in a responsible and mature manner when undertaking babysitting sessions referred by BabySitterClub;
• Do not update BabySitterClub on their current address and contact details.
• Provides personal telephone numbers or contact details to clients in order to undertake babysitting sessions not booked through BabySitterClub

4. Once registered with BabySitterClub, babysitters are provided with a BabySitterClub-Card and must agree to take this to all babysitting sessions.

5. All registered babysitters must agree to allow BabySitterClub to list a brief profile about them on our website or supply some of the information to the parents. These profiles contain basic details about a babysitter’s age, experience and qualifications. This allows potential parents to browse the babysitters available and make an informed choice. Babysitters will be consulted regarding the content of their profile.

6. BabySitterClub will never give parents or potential clients a babysitter’s personal contact details.

7. Babysitters will be provided with a “Kiddy Bag”, and must take one of these to each babysitting session. This kiddy Bag contains the following:

  • Emergency Numbers
  • Entertainment for kids
  • Time Sheet
  • BabySitterClub Card
  • Family Information/Requirement form that must be filled in by parents and be left with the babysitter
  • Written consent form
  • Basic Medikit


8. The babysitter will not remove a child from the residence and/or accommodation unless there is express written consent from the parent authorizing the babysitter to allow the child to participate in outdoor activities.

9. BabySitterClub does not employ babysitters – we are simply an agency who will refer babysitters to parents. We are not responsible for payment of babysitter’s wages, nor can we guarantee a set number of referrals. Babysitters are essentially self-employed.

10. BabySitterClub are not responsible for payment of a babysitter’s Taxation requirements and suggest all babysitters contact SARS for further information regarding obligations.

11. If a client cancels a booking within 24hrs of the babysitting session, the client is required to pay the babysitter a cancellation fee of R150

12. Babysitters registered with, and recommended by BabySitterClub are required to be paid at a rate of:
• R50 p/h until 19h00
• R45 p/h from 19h00 – 00h00
• R60 p/h after 00h00
• R15 extra p/h per family combined

13. On Public Holidays, babysitters registered with, and recommended by BabySitterClub are required to be paid at a rate of:
• R60 p/h until 00h00
• R80 p/h after midnight
• R20 extra p/h per family combined

14. All babysitters will be paid for a minimum of R100 regardless of session length.

15. BabySitterClub understands that some babysitters registered or wanting to register with us may already have existing clients; therefore we have no issue with babysitters who continue to service these existing clients. However, we do expect that any potential new clients acquiring a registered babysitter must be directed to BabySitterClub for referral and registration.

16. BabySitterClub will provide a fair and equal opportunity to all registered babysitters by ensuring we rotate our referrals and recommendations to parents – however many parents select their babysitter based on website profiles, previous introductions or specific requirements and unfortunately BabySitterClub cannot control how parents make their decision.

17. Babysitters are required to sign this agreement and adhere to all conditions within this agreement.